LGLWYI conducts trainings in small business management, entrepreneurship skills to all the beneficiaries supported by organisation. The trainings aim at equipping the beneficiaries with knowledge on how to make a business plan, how to seek money for the business, How to manage a business, How to handle customers, How to handle business books. (Record book, calculating profits), Risks and uncertainties in a business, Decision making in a business and Good record keeping. LGLWYI also trains youth out of school in vocational skills where they are always given start up kits to help them start their own business and can generate income to sustain their families.

Village Savings and Loans Association/Groups (VSLAs) are also being promoted among the beneficiaries which has created critical financial cushion vulnerable households need to survive disasters. Women can now access small cash infusions through savings and lending programs, financial education through small business trainings have been conducted and this has helped caregivers start up small businesses where they can now sustain their families especially on the domestic needs.

LGLWYI always trains community members on entrepreneurship skills, development and marketing skills and through the training, people are able to start up businesses using the knowledge and skills given to them.

In partnership with other Humanitarian Actors/Organizations, LGLWYI trains women in vegetable and mushroom production, after which the women make up stalls and sell on their produces. Also LGLWYI enables women to start up a marketing associations which the marketing associations enable to sell out their produces in large quantities and on higher prices hence increasing on their incomes.