For Community Transformation and Sustainability

“Young people: They care. They know that this is the world that they're going to grow up in, that they're going to spend the rest of their lives in. But, I think it's more idealistic than that. They actually believe that humanity, human species, has no right to destroy and despoil regardless.”
- Sir David Attenborough
People Sentized
HH Mobilized
Energy Stoves Distributed
VSALs Groups
Land Restored with Trees (Ha)
Briquettes Distributed (Tons)
Wastes Disposed (Tons)
Established Community Firms
Nutured Seedlings and Distributed


Community Awareness Campaigns

Continuous Environmental Sustainability Sensitization and Mobilization Events to be carried out

Apiculture for Eco-benefits

Promotion and Establishment of bee farms for economic and biodiversity benefits

Community Capacity Building Campaigns

Continuous Strengthening beneficiaries to acquire more skills for proper management and sustainability of projects

Fruit Tree Grafting and Budding

Mangoes and Citrus at the site are scheduled for grafting and budding

Crops and Vegs Harvest

LIVE IN GREEN is to help her Groups in Crops and Vegs production to ensure qualitative and quantitative harvesting, storage and consumption

Advovacy and Networkings

LIVE IN GREEN is to continue her advocating, marketing and networking efforts to showcase her impacts in the communities and acquire more partnerships


Women Empowerment

Empowering and equipping women and girls to acquire skills in Tailoring, Saloon, Catering, Pads and Detergent Manufacture

Tree Nursery Management

Daily Nursery management is being carried out;- Weeding, watering, potting, spraying, etc. to nurture saplings with qualities and in quantities

Youths for Livelihood Purpose

Youths are empowered and equipped with skills and start up to establish employment and income generating sources like Smart Agriculture, Tailoring, Crafts and Shoe making, Carpentry, Welding, Computer, Catering, Mechanics, Electrical installation, Car washing, Building, Plumbing, Saloon, SMEs establishment, etc.

Tree Growing and Management

LIVE IN GREEN continues to establish more woodlots as well as managing the grown plantations purposely for environmental conservation

Seeding Donations

A variety of seedlings (Pine, Eucalyptus, Musizi, Grevillea, Calandra, Passions, Pawpaw, Jackfruits, Avocados, etc. are being donated and distributed to individual farmers, groups, Government bodies and Humanitarian organizations for planting with a purpose of conserving environment and livelihood

Promoting Food Access for All

LIVE IN GREEN embarks on the campaign to empower households to have the capacity to grow quality and quantitative crops and vegetables for consumption within a short time and small space of land to end hunger

Promoting Proper Waste Disposal and Plastic Recycling

LIVE IN GREEN advocates for community proper waste management and responsible plastic recycling awareness to ensure environmental conservation and re-use of wastes and plastic for other useful products

Promoting Easy Access to Clean and Efficient Energy

With increased deforestation, communities face a challenge of fuel scarcity and poor energy technologies used. LIVE IN GREEN advocates for use of easily acquired energy saving stoves and locally made briquettes

Promoting Financial Literacy

LIVE IN GREEN continues to create and strength village saving groups in very many communities to promote easy access to finances and proper management through financial management and enterprise skilling programs


Particpation in International Days and Exhibitions

LIVE IN GREEN Managed to coordinate with her supported groups to showcase the impacts and success stories during the commemoration of the organized events such as World Environment Day, World Youth Day, World refugee day, etc.

Participation in Joint Monitoring Sessions

LIVE IN GREEN is a recognized member of Livelihood, Environment and Energy Sector (LEE) and in all the organized meetings and joint monitoring, LIVE IN GREEN is actively engaged

Watershed Management

LIVE IN GREEN promoted the conservation of watersheds with planting of bamboo seedlings and demarcation of wetlands to stop encroachment

Biodiversity Conservation Campaigns

Quite a number of people and households or groups have been sensitized and mobilized with a purpose of ensuring and promoting environmental sustainability

Establishment of Demo Sites

LIVE IN GREEN as an NGO established demo sites as a replica to guide and help to train beneficiaries the best approaches to manage a given projects. These sites include Orchard, crop and Veg garden, Fish pond, Poultry House, Woodlot, Kilns

Community Dialogues

LIVE IN GREEN embarked on training community leaders such as CBTs, VHTs, LCs on how to manage each and every community problem and referring criteria for a peaceful coexistence

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