Increase Green Cover - Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

The main aim for this Project is to Promote peaceful co-existence through improving access to sustainable energy through Agro-forestry

Since April 2017 with funding from UNHCR under Youth Initiative Fund (UNHCR-YIF), LIVE IN GREEN started implementing this project through the following activities;- Community awareness through sensitization and mobilization, Youth Groups formation, Development of the land Acquired from OPM (Office of the Prime Minister Department for Refugees), Establishment of the standard Tree Nursery, Nurturing of tree seedlings and Youth Training. 

Upto above 7349 people senstized and mobilized, 821 people trained as community representatives

By March 2020, LIVE IN GREEN was able to donate over 891,453 tree/fruit tree seedlings to youth groups, individual farmers, schools, churches and other NGOs like Danish Refugee Council, Windle International Uganda, JESE/Care Uganda, Kyegegwa District Local Government, for planting within both the Refugee and Host communities.

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