Entrepreneurship Skilling and Financial Literacy - Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

This project is being implemented since year 2021 with support from UNHCR and refugee and host communities’ contributions. 

The project aims at training the youths with vocation skills in Detergent production, Catering, Bakery, Saloon, Tailoring, Mechanics, Plumbing, Building, Electric appliances, carpentry and Hand craft empowering and productions  

Furthermore,  Youth and women are trained and empowered with financial literacy for easy saving and access to finances to support their enterprises after the project ceases through creation and strengthening of village saving groups and Sacco’s. 54 groups of 30 members each have been approved

This project has been so beneficial to the refugee and host community youth. Some youth have applied the acquired knowledge and skills. They (Youth) have initiated their own income generating activities This has made them to become self-reliant.

160 Youths and women trained comprises of;- Tailoring = 30, Catering/Bakery = 20, Saloon = 30, Mechanic = 10, Electricity = 10, Plumbing = 10, Building = 15, Carpentry = 15, Handcraft = 10, Detergents = 10

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