Fighting Household Hunger- Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

The main aim for this Project is to Promote high food production chain amongst refugee and host communities to eradicate food insecurities

Due to increased influx of refugees from Congo to Kyaka II R/S, Kyaka II exceeded her carrying capacity. Although relief aid is given to refugees in terms of cash ($3 per month per individual), it’s totally not enough to cater for their life needs. therefore they resort to farming as their main source of livelihood with over 98% practicing on the small pieces of land allocated to them. These mainly carryout subsistence farming but due to soil exhaustion and continuous environmental degradation, the agricultural outputs are declined threatening their survival

As LIVE IN GREEN we support farmers with modern agricultural skills that applied on small pieces of land and ensure high quality and quantitative production. Interventions like kitchen gardening, garden towers and enclosed gardening are trained and empowered for community adoption. communities are supported with high quality and productivity planting materials to farmers to ensure a continuous supply of food in households

With support from UNHCR, OPM, NARO.  5000 Households were targeted and trained  whereby the following was distributed as quality planting materials;- 100bags of cassava tubes, 100bags of potatos, 5000Kg of maize, 5000Kg of beans, 125kg of Cabbage, 100Kg of onions, 125kg of tomatoes, 100Kg of Carrot, 125kg of Sukuma and 125Kg of dodo

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