strengthening resilence through enhanced local disaster risk management capacities (drr)

Strengthening Resilience through enhanced Local Disaster Risk Management Capacities (DRR) is a two and half year project implemented by Oxfam, JESE, CSBAG and LIVE IN GREEN, in Isingiro and Kyegeggwa with support from European Union Trust Fund. The project aims at Rehabilitating and managing Natural Resources and environment sustainably, inclusively and protected in Isingiro and Kyegegwa Districts thus promoting social cohesion between host population and refugees. With focus on Sustainable land use management plans development, and environmental restoration activities undertaken through rehabilitation, afforestation and sustainable management, the project has so far established 37.5ha of woodlots in both isingiro and Kyegeggwa districts. The project has also promoted environmentally friendly energy conservation techniques in institution and Household through construction of energy saving stoves. Formed and trained twenty-four (24) natural resources/ environment committees in local governments and areas where woodlots have been established.